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President’s Message

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Let me introduce The People’s Voice Society to you. It was around 2004, when few of us started meeting discussing about the current problems that the country is facing. The ideas coming out of our discussions were shared with various Government Fora suggesting changes in policy. We delved on steps of creating transparency of the funds which are granted to MPs and MLAs in which we achieved significant success resulting into MLAs and MPs transparently spending their funds. Later we worked on creating a Bhagyadhari between RWAs and Govt. of Delhi to bringing them in the same platform. Around 2010, then came a lull in our activity because we were not finding right projects to work on. However, after deliberations amongst us, we hit upon the ideas that for the economic progress of this country, we need a cohesive society living with peace and tranquillity. We are working on this project since about 7-8 years now. Further, we recently went ahead and added New Governance system. I would invite you to become a forerunner of this message for change which is required in this country to make it more cohesive and progressive. New governance system is also an unique idea which I would like you to go through and give us your critique on the same. Your suggestions, your inputs will be very valuable for us and we look forward to receiving the same. You can join us by clicking a link"Join TPV"or simply contact us over the phone and we will do the rest. You can follow us in the social media forums at Linkedin,TwitterandFacebook.