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From the desk of TPV President

It was during the countrywide agitation in the year 2006 by the student doctors against imposing / fixing of additional reservation percentage by quota system for admission in medical colleges and other professional courses, on the basis of caste rather than on academic merit that a few of us friends one evening sat together and earnestly felt the concern for the future generation of the country..

The concern was deeper as we found ourselves utterly helpless in providing any significant contribution for the genuine cause of young students.

All of us- now settled past prime of our life, who have experienced the tough times after independence of the country- felt that after sixty years of independence if our children have to bear such atrocious laws and no respite expected in the near future, there is something terribly wrong with our political system.
We realized that these concerns must be nagging so many like us. A few meetings later, an idea was formed to have an institutional platform from where a voice could be generated for the aspiration of the public for a free society and equal opportunity for all sections of countrymen, and where disciplined, hardworking and honest people are rewarded.

We are all aware that India is affected by poverty, illiteracy, religious intolerance, caste, lack of basic amenities to a large number of people etc and above all there is corruption from highest point downwards. This is sheer exploitation by those who have power. Hence we felt the need for People’s Voice of like-minded people who are concerned with conflicts in the society and would like to see progressive, prosperous and peaceful India tomorrow.

The People’s Voice, a Society has been formed with seven promoters, whose profiles are available on the website.

We began our journey by contributing our inputs in the formulation of Admission Policy of Govt. of Delhi. This was followed by bringing in more transparency in spending of funds by MLA.

We have now taken up the Mission of abolishing all caste based reservations and substitute that by giving incentives to those persons who marry outside their Caste/Region/Religion. This process will unite the country, as one homogenous society

Be a part of the change by becoming a member of People’s Voice family. Feel free to share, volunteer, chat, correspond anything you can think of concerning the society, country or the betterment of this planet.